About MPS

What we do

MPS Medical is a vertically integrated company that supports three main markets. The infusion therapy side designs and manufactures a comprehensive line of high-quality specialty IV therapy sets for neonatal, pediatric and adult populations. The pharmacy side supports the production of quality compounding pharmacy and admix disposables. Additionally, these same resources also support our third main division – Private Label & OEM Services.

What we do

Although MPS Medical may not be a household name, our company’s product line has roots that extend three decades back. Originally the line started as MPS Acacia in 1990 which later became simply known as Acacia. In September 2014, Acacia ceased operations and MPS Medical took over the manufacturing of the renowned neonate and pediatric IV infusion and pharmacy product lines.

Since then, MPS Medical has expanded the product line support and expertise for our different divisions. Working closely with healthcare providers, MPS Medical develops innovative infusion products that improve clinical efficacies.

Why Partner With MPS Medical

MPS Medical’s primary focus is meeting customer requirements for high quality, intuitive products and excellent customer support.

As part of our commitment to quality, we are licensed by the Federal Food and Drug Administration and the State of California Department of Health and Human Services, our company meets ISO 13485 standards as well as CMDCAS, and we are CE certified.

Have any questions?

Contact our Customer Service team for additional support at (844) 641-3814 or by email at [email protected]