Cell Harvesting

MPS Medical’s closed system centrifuge tubes are designed for start-up labs and small-scale cell production. The ADP-3000 Pharm Pump III assisted process allows for the enrichment of targeted cells of interest in a closed and sterile system. Connecting the cell bag to the centrifuge tube via weldable tubing, the ADP-3000 pump is used to transfer cell supernatant to the centrifuge tube for further refinement. Welded again, the cells are pelleted and separated in the centrifuge. From there a secondary weld is performed again and the remaining cell-free supernatant is drawn out via the ADP-3000 pump. The pelleted cell can then be used for further processing.

MPS Medical centrifuge tubes are produced in a particle-controlled Class 7 cleanroom environment. All products are BSE/TSE compliant. Tubing is weldable, sterile, and passes all testing standards set forth per ISO 10993-1 Blood Contact Indirect.

DD-001-36: Burton tube with 18” macrobore tubing

Includes kink-resistant tubing, largebore stopcock, vented 50ML graduated tube, sterile.

DD-001-40: Hamlett Tube with 500ML Centrifuge Tube

12” macrobore tubing, 4” kink-resistant tubing, sterile.

DD-001-33: Jensen Tube with 250ML Centrifuge Tube

12” macrobore tubing, 4” kink-resistant tubing, sterile.

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