Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Our NICU Mission

MPS Medical, Inc. NICU division is dedicated to improving outcomes for the smallest, most vulnerable of patients. We develop continuous product innovations that support best practice modalities and enable partnership with neonatal healthcare professionals to identify process improvements.

NICU Products

MedSafe and
Multi-Access Sets

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NICU Speciality Extension I.V. Sets

SafeSample Blood Gas Sampling

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ClosedCare Medication Delivery

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Custom Sets

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ClosedCare Medication System

ClosedCare offers low volume, closed system neonatal medication delivery while reducing connection and disconnection steps

MedSafe and Multi-Access Sets

MedSafe neonatal drug delivery sets minimize drug interaction and reduce touch contamination

Filter Sets

MPS NICU specialty extension I.V. sets have low priming volumes and offer a complete medication delivery system when paired with ClosedCare and MedSafe

SafeSample Blood Gas Sampling

SafeSample allows for frequent blood gas sampling from a UAC without unnecessary trauma to the newborn

MPS Medical

MPS Medical, Inc. in the NICU

Created with a passion for the NICU

The MPS NICU division began as a neonatal medication delivery endeavor. But it meant so much more to all of us.

Our hearts were in the NICU. With the patients. And the heroes who nurtured them.

It was an opportunity to make a change in the lives of medically-fragile infants. To reduce infection, and
improve outcomes.

Evolving to advance neonatal healthcare

Practice needs were evolving. Our partner NICUs needed help to identify process improvements and solutions alignment. We gladly accepted the challenge.

MPS NICU products evolved to become the versatile and flexible system it is today. We became a trusted, reliable resource for hospitals around the country with stock and custom configured sets.

We followed our hearts

We devoted ourselves to offering an even larger portfolio of neonatal products that reduced infection and supported clinical best practices.

Today we lead the way in neonatal healthcare infusion products.

Our heart is right there with us.

And we’re right there with you.

NICU Resources

View the latest NICU blog posts and video resources below. Our blogs address the latest standards and updates, while our videos offer easy-to-follow instructions for product use.

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