ClosedCare I.V. System®

Reducing infection is important in every area of the hospital, but even more so in the NICU, where patients are extremely vulnerable.

Using a closed system for neonatal medication delivery can help to prevent central line-associated blood stream infections (CLABSI). ClosedCare requires only half the typical connections and disconnections commonly used in the medication administration process. This minimizes touch contamination, and also reduces the number of flush syringes required.

Features and Benefits

ClosedCare I.V. System – 5″ Quadfurcated Infusion

Every ClosedCare I.V. set utilizes needless valves to create a closed system to reduce infection.

The MedSafe feature, with this minimal dead space design, ensures medication delivery is unaffected by TPN and Lipid lines.

Reduces the number of connections to setup I.V. lines to deliver TPN, lipids, and medications.

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