MedSafe and Multi-Access Sets

MPS Medical’s MedSafe and Multi-Access Sets are designed specifically to meet the challenges of neonatal medication delivery in the NICU.

These lightweight bifurcated, trifurcated, and quadfurcated extension sets replace heavy piecemeal sets at the bedside, and help to reduce touch contamination while adding variability in line set-up to minimize error risk. MedSafe’s unique feature minimizes drug interaction to decrease the chance of dangerous medication errors.

MedSafe and Multi-Access Sets are pre-assembled and patient ready.

Features and Benefits

Minimal dead space

The MedSafe connector minimizes potential drug incompatibility in the fluid path with the shortest common fluid juncture available today in the NICU.

Proper drug delivery for neonates

Designed for multiple small volume medication delivery. Minimizes risk for incompatibility issues and medication pooling in the line. The single point fluid junction enables quick medication delivery with minimal line flushing.

Reduced chance of infection

Sets are pre-assembled and patient ready. They limit the need for additional sets, thereby reducing touch contamination infection risk.

Low priming volumes

MedSafe and Multi-Access Sets have very low priming volumes and short lengths.


The specially designed connector is nearly weightless with an easy rotating luer lock to help prevent kinking and pulling.


Different color slide clamps provide easy, at-a-glance line identification.


Purchasing pre-assembled sets reduces the need to stock several individual sets.

Non-DEHP, latex free

The MedSafe connector minimizes dead space

Sets are pre-assembled and patient ready in bi-, tri-, and quadfurcated configurations

ClosedCare I.V. System – 5″ Quadfurcated Infusion

Each set features color-coded slide clamps for line identification

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