ADP-3000 Pharm Pump III

The MPS Medical ADP-3000 Pharm Pump III provides compounding pharmacies with accurate, safe and efficient sterile fluid transfer and medication preparations. 

The Pharm Pump III easily adapts to assist in everyday filling, reconstitution, filtering, etc.  With twenty-six (26) independent memories, users can program features such as: Volume, Drawback, Manual or Automatic Dispensing Mode, and Accurate Dispensing Calibrations.  And, with the use of a foot switch which is included with purchase of each new Pharm Pump III, users can operate the pump without interrupting airflow in the ISO Class V filling hood more than absolutely necessary. Automate your filling practice and reduce repetition injury risk such as carpal tunnel while maintaining filling accuracy and good sterile technique. 

The lightweight pump allows easy portability when needed, i.e. to be moved when following cleaning procedures correctly and effectively.  With its sleek design, the Pharm Pump III will be an excellent addition to any pharmacy cleanroom. 

Key Features

Variable Volume

The pump can be programmed to dispense samples with a volume of between 1 and 4095 ml.

Variable Drawback  

At the end of each individual dispense, the pump can be programmed to draw back by a volume of between 0 and 9.9 ml.

Dual Mode

The pump can be operated in either manual or automatic mode. With manual mode, a single dispense is made each time the pump is activated via the START button or foot pedal. In automatic mode, a user can pre-program a number of cycles with a time delay eliminating the need for any manual start/stop.


To compensate for variables such as fluid temperature/density or device back-pressure (such as those from elastomerics), the Pharm Pump III can be accurately calibrated. This may be done when changing setup, or even in the middle of a dispense via the “Calibration-on-the-Fly” option.

Volume Remain

The volume of fluid in the container being dispensed from can be entered into the Pharm Pump III.  Every time a dispense is made, the dispensed volume will be subtracted from this original volume, giving a running total of volume remaining and an advance warning of incomplete dispenses and needed source container changeouts.

Setup Memories

The Pharm Pump III has twenty-six (26) non-volatile memories, each of which can store a full set of operating parameters. Any of these can be recalled in a moment allowing rapid selection of different repeated job functions.

Foot Switch

A foot switch can be connected to the Pharm Pump III allowing hands-free start, stop and resume of all pumping functions. This switch directly mimics the operation of the START/STOP front panel keys.

Pump Comparison Chart

  • MPS
  • Baxter
  • ICU Medical
MPSBaxterICU Medical
Pharm Pump III
Repeater Pump
Displays time and date
Memory Slots26 (a-z)2020
Reprogrammed Drug Names
Able to enter new drug names
Able to enter LOT numbers of Drug
Set rotor direction and speed
Selectable dispensing type
Setting source container volume
Able to set amount of drawback fluidRange of 0 to 9.9mLDil-1 0.1mL and Dil2: 0.2mL
Drawback delay setting
Automatic mode
Manual mode
Allows copy of a Memory Setup into another memory location
Pausing/Aborting a Dispense
Allows Calibration to be done in the middle of a current operation
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