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MPS Medical has partnered with NEMERA, one of the world leaders in the design, development and manufacturing of innovative drug delivery devices, as a distributor of Novelia®, a unique, award winning drug delivery system for compounded ophthalmic solutions and suspensions to the compounding pharmacy market.

Pureflow® Technology

With the Pureflow® technology, once a drop is dispensed through the blue tip, the single-way valve at the dropper tip prevents the uptake of air and liquids on the distal side of the bottle. Instead a one-way silicone membrane allows air to permeate back into the bottle, thereby decompressing the bottle. This specific design allows for the reduction of microbial ingress. Through this function it is possible to validate a multi-dose preservative free formulation with the utilization of this bottle.

Patient Benefits:

  • Blue Tip for Accurate, Precise Targeting of the Eye
  • Calibrated, Precise Dosing for Accurate Adherence to Treatment
  • User-Friendly and Intuitive, like using as a Standard Eyedropper

Compounding Pharmacy Benefits:

  • Ability to Compound Numerous Ophthalmic Formulations in One Bottle
  • Ideal for Patient with Sensitivity to Drug Preservatives
  • Ideal for Use in Production of Autologous Serum Tears
  • Simplified Assembly Process Thanks to the Preassembled, Tamper-Proof Cap and Nozzle
  • No Need for Additional Assembly Equipment Making the Bottle Perfect for Small Scale Compounding Operations
  • More Sustainable and Affordable than Existing Multi-Bottle, Single-Use Unit Dose Packaging

Bottle Squeezing

Valve Opening

Drop delivery.

Valve Re-closing

Valve re-closes sealing the bottle tight.

Air Compensation

Pureflow® technology allows air to diffuse into the bottle.