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Infusion Therapy

MPS Medical focuses on designing and producing the best infusion products to reduce the risk of infection and increase medication delivery ease and safety. We partner with hospitals and medical professionals across the country to develop innovative products and offer a wide range of high-quality IV therapy sets and products in the following areas:

  • Specialty Neonate and Pediatric Sets
  • Custom IV Extension and Administration Sets
  • Needlefree IV Connectors
  • Anesthesia Sets
  • Closed Medication Delivery Systems

We offer many sets that you may already be familiar with or purchase elsewhere. Give us an opportunity to view your specifications and provide a competitive quote.

Product Benefits

  • Latex Free – No allergic reaction
  • Non-DEHP Tubing made with DEHP-free plasticizer used in all MPS sets. Optional PVC-free tubing available
  • Needlefree Valves & Stopcocks – Create closed medication administration systems for effective infection prevention and reduced CLABSI rates
  • All-In-One Sets – Eliminate the need to assemble multiple sets and increase efficiencies of line changeouts by consolidating to single all-encompassing IV sets
  • Specialty Multi-Line IV Male Luer-Locks – Provides easy and safe bifurcated, trifurcated and quad furcated connections for direct delivery of medication on a single IV access hub
  • Roller Clamps – Precise administration of solution; clamp device for tubing for short IV breaks; protection device for spikes after use
  • Check Valves – Single direction operation to prevent backflow of solution in IV lines, or for parallel infusion
  • Positively Charged PES Filters for retention of particles, micro- organisms including endotoxins and for the elimination of air
  • Drip Chambers – 10, 15, 20 or 60 drop with air vent for any type of infusion containers
  • IV Tubing Sizes – MPS offers a full range of tubing sizes and types include microbore, minibore, regular bore and large bore as well as kink resistant.