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Specialty Anesthesia Sets and Blood Sets

MPS Medical critical care products are designed with safely and efficiency in mind. Our all-in-one anesthesia systems eliminate the need to assemble multiple IV sets and IV components in order to administer medication needed. The pre-assembled infusion sets come in a single, sterile packaged pouch and are ready to use.

MPS Medical offers a range of high-quality anesthesia IV administration sets, blood administration sets, extension sets, stopcocks, one-way valves and select accessories.

In addition to our standard sets, MPS Medical configures and manufactures specialty sets that meet the exact requirements of each customer, incorporating any number of the features below:

Product Benefits

  • Reduce Risk of Catheter-Related Bloodstream Infections (CRBSI)
  • Multi-Port Access Sets
  • Color Coded Components
  • High Flow, Non-DEHP and Latex Free Tubing
  • High Flow and Lipid Resistant Stopcocks and One-Way Valve Manifolds
  • Single, Bifurcated, Trifurcated and Quad Furcated Sets
  • 10, 15, 20 and 60 Drop, Vented, Non-Vented and Valve-Vented Drip Chambers
  • Needlefree and Latex Free Connectors
  • 2 and 1.2 Micron IV Type Filters available with or without Extension Sets
  • Short Spike for Special Applications such as Albumin Administration

Additional MPS Medical Offerings:

  • Low Minimum Order Requirement
  • Quick Turnaround Time
  • Standard, All-In-One Sets Available
  • Sterile and Non-Sterile Samples Available

Blood Administration Sets

  • Large Volume 200 Micron Filter Chamber Sets, Vented and Non-Vented

Anesthesia IV Administration Sets

  • IV Administration Sets with or without Needlefree Adapters
  • 10 drop IV Administration Sets
  • 15 drop IV Administration Sets
  • 20 drop IV Administration Sets
  • 60 drop IV Administration Sets
  • Secondary IV Administration Sets

Stopcock Extension Sets 

  • Stopcocks Extension Sets with Needlefree Adapters
  • Standard Stopcock Extension Sets

Anesthesia Extension Sets

  • Extension Sets with or without Needlefree Adapters
  • I.V.A. Extension Sets
  • Pressure-Activated Valve Extension Sets
  • Minibore, Microbore and Regular bore Extension Sets

Bifurcated and Trifurcated Minibore and Microbore Extension Sets


  • Stopcocks Manifolds with or without Needlefree Adapters
  • Pressure-Activated Valve Manifolds with or without Needlefree Adapters
  • T-Connector Manifolds with or without Needlefree Adapters

Burette Administration Sets

Filters and Filter Sets  

We offer many sets and configurations that you may already be familiar with or purchase elsewhere.  Give us an opportunity to view your specifications and provide a competitive quote