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Needlefree IV Connectors

Needlefree IV connectors provide an effective barrier against bacterial transfer and greatly reduce the risk of bloodstream infections. MPS Medical swabable neutral fluid displacement valves at both luer connection and disconnection help reduce reflux related occlusions. MPS Medical offers infection prevention connectors in most of our infusion therapy sets.

  • Suited for Neonatal, Pediatric Patients, Anesthesia and Critical Care
  • Multiple Needlefree Access Ports
  • Bifurcated, Trifurcated and Quad Furcated Configurations
  • Sterile and Non-Sterile Samples Available
  • Standard, Ready to Ship Sets Also Available

Product Benefits

  • Infection Prevention and Reduced CLABSI Rates
  • Dual Seal Design Intended to Defend Against Microbial Ingress
  • Split Septum Direct Fluid Path
  • Priming Volume at 0.08 ml
  • Low Priming Volume Allows for Lower Flush Volumes
  • Clear housing facilitates visualization of entire fluid path during priming and flushing
  • Ergonomically designed to balance usability and size in clinical applications where smaller is better
  • Designed to complement best clinical practices and does not require clinician clamping to control valve-induced reflux
  • Simple, Fast and Easy to Use for Effective Infection Prevention
  • Connects to all IV Tubing and Syringes
  • Highly Visible, Straight Two-Way Fluid Path
  • Latex Free and PVC Free
  • Leak Proof through Auto Shut-off Valve
  • Resistant to Lipids and Alcohol
  • No Capping or Additional Parts Required
  • MRI Compatible
  • Microbial Barrier

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