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For many years, MPS Medical has been a trusted OEM and private label contract manufacturer working with industry leading IV therapy suppliers that expect only the best. 

We understand the high expectations of excellence that are required when manufacturing products under someone else’s well reputed name.  Our design expertise, quality standards and flexible manufacturing capability make MPS Medical an ideal manufacturing partner for many popular IV therapy products including sets for neonate/pediatric patients, anesthesia delivery and complex administration and extension sets.

Our direct customers and OEM/private label partners all benefit from:

  • Competitive Turnaround Times
  • All Industry Relevant Compliance Standards and Certifications
  • Extensive Catalog of Pre-Approved and Qualified Components
  • Flexible Manufacturing Schedules
  • Advanced Design Engineering Capabilities
  • Dependable On-Time Delivery
  • Responsive and Friendly Customer Support

As part of our ongoing OEM manufacturing support, MPS Medical offers a full range of auxiliary services through our parent company including:

  • Packaging Validation Services
  • Contract Sterilization & Sterilization Process Validation
  • Product Development
  • Cleaning & Decontamination Services
  • Fulfillment & Distribution
  • Turnkey 510k Filing Services

We have the systems in place to meet your OEM manufacturing needs quickly, reliably and effectively.

Contact us to discuss how we can assist. 

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